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  • Maintain stable driving safety: Brake shoe assembly provides stable braking balance

    Jun 06,2024

    In every driving process, whether driving on urban roads or highways, the braking system is the key to ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers. In the braking system, the brake shoe assembly plays a vital role, and the stable braking balance it provides is directly related to the driving safety of the vehicle. This article will explore in depth how the brake shoe assembly provides stable bra......

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  • Suitable storage temperature and humidity for disc brake pads.

    May 28,2024

    Disc brake pads are an important part of the automobile braking system, and their performance is directly related to driving safety and driving experience. Proper storage protects your brake pads even when not in use, extending their life and ensuring they perform optimally when you need them. Temperature and humidity are two crucial factors when storing disc brake pads. This article will discuss ......

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  • Disc brake pad preparation before starting to remove the old brake pads.

    May 21,2024

    Adequate preparation is key to ensuring the task is completed successfully and safely. When it comes to replacing disc brake pads, correct preparation is especially important because it is directly related to driving safety and work efficiency. This article will detail the key preparations before you begin removing your old brake pads to ensure you can complete the task safely and effectively. Bef......

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  • Persistence in Temperature: Uncovering the Excellent High-Temperature Stability of Scania Brake Linings

    May 15,2024

    When a car is driving, the stability and reliability of the braking system are the key to ensuring driving safety. As a component of the brake system that undertakes important braking tasks, brake pads' stability in high-temperature environments is directly related to the reliability of the vehicle's braking effect. In this regard, Scania brake linings are highly regarded for their excellent high-......

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