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Zhejiang Changda Automobile Part Making Co., Ltd. is located near the scenic summer resort Mount Mogan Scenic Spot, 309 Changhong East Street, Deqing High tech Development Zone, close to Hangzhou Nanjing Expressway, Hangzhou Nanjing High-speed Railway, China National Highway 104, Provincial Highway 09 and Xuancheng–Hangzhou railway, close to Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Ningbo, the water-land-air transportation is very convenient. The company was founded in 2006 and is a national high-tech enterprise with over ten invention patents and utility model patents. The total investment is 53 million yuan, covering an area of 46000 square meters, including 26000 square meters in the main factory area and 20000 square meters in the branch factory area.

It specializes in the production of drum brake linings, disc brake pads, light/ medium and heavy brake shoe assemblies, and forklift clutch assemblies. BPW Brake Linings Manufacturers and Wholesale BPW Drum Brake Lining Company.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of sincerity, trustworthiness, and excellence, and has established a complete product research and development center and advanced testing equipment, equipped with a comprehensive CAD design and CAM manufacturing system. We have taken the lead in introducing high-precision equipment such as domestic first-class CNC batching systems, CNC weighing bag systems, CNC mold hot pressing, forming systems, and CNC grinding processing systems. Supply OEM BPW Brake Linings.

The product has passed IATF16949, EU R90 product quality management system certification, American Motor Vehicle Manufacturer Certification service agency AMECA product certification, American Green Testing Center DOT/FMVSS 121D, and South Africa SABS VC8503 testing recognition. Through advanced design and manufacturing, as well as a comprehensive management system, product quality has been reliably guaranteed. We sincerely welcome communication and cooperation with domestic and foreign manufacturers.

  • 2005

    Company founded

  • 53million

    Investment amount

  • 46,000

    Covering area

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BPW Industry knowledge

What factors affect the lifespan of BPW drum brake linings?
Drum brake linings play a crucial role in a vehicle's braking system, and their lifespan can be influenced by various factors. Understanding these factors is essential for maintaining optimal braking performance and ensuring safety on the road.
Driving Habits:The way a vehicle is driven significantly impacts the lifespan of BPW Drum Brake Linings. Aggressive driving, frequent hard braking, and abrupt stops can lead to increased wear and tear on the linings. Smooth and controlled driving helps preserve the brake linings.
Load and Usage:Vehicles carrying heavy loads or frequently used for towing may experience accelerated wear on brake linings. The increased demand on the braking system can generate higher temperatures, affecting the friction material and reducing its longevity.
Environmental Conditions:Operating in extreme environmental conditions, such as frequent exposure to high temperatures, heavy rainfall, or road salt, can affect the drum brake linings. Corrosion, heat, and moisture can contribute to premature wear and reduce the effectiveness of the braking system.
Quality of Brake Components:The quality of materials used in the manufacturing of drum brake linings plays a crucial role in their lifespan. High-quality, durable friction materials are more likely to withstand wear and maintain effective braking over an extended period.
Proper Maintenance:Regular maintenance practices, including inspections and adjustments, can significantly impact the lifespan of BPW Drum Brake Linings. Keeping the brake system well-adjusted, replacing worn components promptly, and ensuring proper lubrication contribute to optimal performance.
Brake System Design:The design and engineering of the vehicle's brake system, including the size and type of drum brake linings used, can affect their durability. Vehicles with well-designed brake systems are more likely to have longer-lasting linings.
Driving Conditions:The type of terrain and driving conditions also influence brake lining lifespan. Frequent stop-and-go traffic, mountainous terrain, or hilly landscapes can put additional stress on the braking system, affecting the longevity of the linings.
Brake Fluid Quality:The quality and condition of the brake fluid in the hydraulic system play a role in preserving the drum brake linings. Contaminated or deteriorated brake fluid can lead to problems such as uneven wear and reduced braking efficiency.
Brake Adjustment:Proper adjustment of the brake system is crucial for even wear on the linings. If the brakes are not adjusted correctly, some areas of the linings may experience excessive wear while others remain underutilized, affecting overall longevity.

What is the process of replacing BPW drum brake linings?
Drum brake linings, essential components in a vehicle's braking system, require periodic replacement to maintain optimal performance and safety. Here's a concise step-by-step guide on how to replace drum brake linings:
1. Gather Necessary Tools and Materials:Before starting the replacement process, gather the required tools and materials. These typically include a jack, jack stands, lug wrench, brake fluid, a C-clamp, a brake spring tool, and a set of new BPW Drum Brake Linings.
2. Lift the Vehicle:Safely lift the vehicle using a jack and secure it with jack stands. Ensure the vehicle is on a level surface to prevent accidents during the replacement process.
3. Remove the Wheel:Use a lug wrench to remove the wheel covering the drum brake assembly. This provides access to the brake components.
4. Access the Brake Drum:Locate the brake drum and inspect it for any visible damage. If the drum is excessively worn or damaged, it may need resurfacing or replacement.
5. Disassemble the Brake Components:Use a brake spring tool to carefully disassemble the brake components. This involves removing the brake shoe retaining springs, pins, and clips. Pay attention to the arrangement of the components to facilitate reassembly.
6. Remove the Old Brake Linings:Once the brake components are disassembled, remove the old brake linings. This is typically done by disconnecting the brake shoes from the anchor and pulling the linings away from the shoes.
7. Inspect Additional Components:While the brake assembly is disassembled, inspect other components such as the brake hardware, wheel cylinders, and springs for wear or damage. Replace any components showing signs of deterioration.
8. Install New BPW Drum Brake Linings:Attach the new brake linings to the brake shoes, ensuring proper alignment and secure attachment. Use the brake spring tool to reassemble the brake components, including springs, pins, and clips.
9. Adjust the Brake Shoes:Adjust the brake shoes to ensure proper clearance within the drum. This step is crucial for even wear on the new brake linings and effective braking performance.
10. Reassemble and Test:
Once all components are securely in place, reassemble the drum brake system. Put the wheel back on, lower the vehicle, and tighten the lug nuts. Before driving, gently apply the brakes to allow the new linings to seat properly.
11. Check Brake Fluid Level:After the replacement, check the brake fluid level in the master cylinder. Top it up if necessary and ensure the brake system is bled if air has entered during the process.
12. Test Drive and Final Inspection:Take the vehicle for a test drive in a safe and open area. Gradually apply the brakes to ensure they are responsive and functioning correctly. Conduct a final inspection to confirm there are no unusual noises or issues with the braking system.