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Zhejiang Changda Automobile Part Making Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006. It specializes in the production of drum brake linings, disc brake pads, light/ medium and heavy brake shoe assemblies, and forklift clutch assemblies. It has a series of brand products of Changda, Shunyi, Fujun, Shengda, and Daliya, which have been sold to more than 30 countries and regions around the world. BPW 19591 Drum Brake Lining Suppliers and Factory in China. The total investment is 53 million yuan, covering an area of 46000 square meters, including 26000 square meters in the main factory area and 20000 square meters in the branch factory area. The product has passed IATF16949, EU R90 product quality management system certification, American Motor Vehicle Manufacturer Certification service agency AMECA product certification, American Green Testing Center DOT/FMVSS 121D, and South Africa SABS VC8503 testing recognition. Through advanced design and manufacturing, as well as a comprehensive management system, product quality has been reliably guaranteed. We sincerely welcome communication and cooperation with domestic and foreign manufacturers.
  • 2005

    Company founded

  • 53million

    Investment amount

  • 46,000

    Covering area

  • 30+

    Covering countries

Zhejiang Changda Automobile Part Making Co.,Ltd.
Zhejiang Changda Automobile Part Making Co.,Ltd. Company Video Overview

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Specializing in the production of automotive drum brake linings, disc brake linings, light and heavy brake shoe assembly and forklift clutch assembly.

Zhejiang Changda Automobile Part Making Co.,Ltd.
  • Complete product specifications

    Matching global drum brake vehicle modes over than 90%, the company currently has models of light, medium, and heavy drum brake linings, heavy disc brake linings, and brake shoe assemblies with over a thousand specifications.

  • Fast delivery cycle

    .Supply Custom BPW 19591 Drum Brake Lining. The monthly production capacity is 120000 sets. With the support of advanced CNC batching systems, weighing bag systems, mold hot forming processes, and grinding assembly lines, we can satisfy customers' various delivery requirements.

  • Quick response ability

    For irregular specifications and samples provided by customers, we can provide solutions within one week and we will support and match sample customization. BPW 19591 Drum Brake Lining Factory

  • Strong quality control

    Our product has passed and got the product quality management system certification as IATF16949, EU ECE R90, the testing certification of American motor vehicle manufacturer certification service agency AMECA, American Green Testing Center DOT/FMVSS 121D, and South Africa SABS VC8053.

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Product Knowledge

Are there any specific tools or equipment required for the installation?
The proper installation of the BPW 19591 Drum Brake Lining is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and safety in your vehicle's braking system. To carry out a successful installation, it's essential to have the right tools and equipment on hand. Below is a list of items you may need:
1. Brake Spring Pliers:These specialized pliers are designed to facilitate the removal and installation of brake springs. They help compress and hold the springs in place, making the process more manageable.
2. Brake Adjustment Tool:A brake adjustment tool is necessary for setting the correct clearance between the brake lining and the drum. It ensures that the brakes engage properly without excessive wear.
3. Drum Brake Grease:Applying brake grease to key components, such as the backing plate and anchor pins, helps prevent corrosion and ensures smooth movement. Make sure to use a high-temperature brake grease suitable for drum brakes.
4. Brake Cleaner:Cleaning the brake components thoroughly is essential before installation. Brake cleaner helps remove dirt, oil, and other contaminants that can compromise brake performance.
5. Torque Wrench:Accurate torque is crucial for securing nuts and bolts to the recommended specifications. A torque wrench ensures that components are tightened to the manufacturer's specifications, preventing over-tightening or under-tightening.
6. Safety Gear:Always prioritize safety during brake maintenance. Wear protective gear, including safety glasses and gloves, to shield yourself from brake dust and potential hazards.
7. Service Manual or Instructions:Refer to the vehicle's service manual or the specific instructions provided with the BPW 19591 Drum Brake Lining. This will guide you through the correct installation process and any vehicle-specific nuances.
8. Jack and Jack Stands:Elevate the vehicle safely using a jack and support it with jack stands. This provides ample space to access the brake components and ensures a secure working environment.
9. Bungee Cord or Brake Caliper Hanger:Prevent strain on the brake lines by using a bungee cord or brake caliper hanger to support the brake caliper during the installation process.
10. C-Clamp or Brake Caliper Tool:When dealing with disc brakes in conjunction with drum brakes, a C-clamp or brake caliper tool may be required to retract the caliper piston for proper brake pad and rotor installation.