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About ChangDa

Zhejiang Changda Automobile Part Making Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006. It specializes in the production of drum brake linings, disc brake pads, light/ medium and heavy brake shoe assemblies, and forklift clutch assemblies. It has a series of brand products of Changda, Shunyi, Fujun, Shengda, and Daliya, which have been sold to more than 30 countries and regions around the world. BENZ 19486 Drum Brake Lining Suppliers and Factory in China. The total investment is 53 million yuan, covering an area of 46000 square meters, including 26000 square meters in the main factory area and 20000 square meters in the branch factory area. The product has passed IATF16949, EU R90 product quality management system certification, American Motor Vehicle Manufacturer Certification service agency AMECA product certification, American Green Testing Center DOT/FMVSS 121D, and South Africa SABS VC8503 testing recognition. Through advanced design and manufacturing, as well as a comprehensive management system, product quality has been reliably guaranteed. We sincerely welcome communication and cooperation with domestic and foreign manufacturers.
  • 2005

    Company founded

  • 53million

    Investment amount

  • 46,000

    Covering area

  • 30+

    Covering countries

Zhejiang Changda Automobile Part Making Co.,Ltd.
Zhejiang Changda Automobile Part Making Co.,Ltd. Company Video Overview

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Specializing in the production of automotive drum brake linings, disc brake linings, light and heavy brake shoe assembly and forklift clutch assembly.

Zhejiang Changda Automobile Part Making Co.,Ltd.
  • Complete product specifications

    Matching global drum brake vehicle modes over than 90%, the company currently has models of light, medium, and heavy drum brake linings, heavy disc brake linings, and brake shoe assemblies with over a thousand specifications.

  • Fast delivery cycle

    .Supply Custom BENZ 19486 Drum Brake Lining. The monthly production capacity is 120000 sets. With the support of advanced CNC batching systems, weighing bag systems, mold hot forming processes, and grinding assembly lines, we can satisfy customers' various delivery requirements.

  • Quick response ability

    For irregular specifications and samples provided by customers, we can provide solutions within one week and we will support and match sample customization. BENZ 19486 Drum Brake Lining Factory

  • Strong quality control

    Our product has passed and got the product quality management system certification as IATF16949, EU ECE R90, the testing certification of American motor vehicle manufacturer certification service agency AMECA, American Green Testing Center DOT/FMVSS 121D, and South Africa SABS VC8053.

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Product Knowledge

Are there any specific care instructions to ensure optimal performance?
Proper care and maintenance of your BENZ 19486 Drum Brake Lining are crucial to ensuring optimal performance and longevity. 
Break-In Period:
Before pushing your brakes to their limits, allow for a proper break-in period. During the first 200 miles of use, avoid sudden stops or excessive braking. This allows the brake lining to gradually adjust to the braking surface and ensures optimal performance over time.
Avoid Overheating:
Excessive heat can degrade brake lining performance. Avoid aggressive or prolonged braking, especially in high-traffic or hilly areas, to prevent overheating. Allow the brakes to cool down between heavy use to maintain their effectiveness.
Routine Inspections:
Regularly inspect the brake linings for signs of wear and tear. Check for uneven wear patterns, thickness, and any unusual noise during braking. If you notice any issues, address them promptly to prevent further damage to the braking system.
Proper Lubrication:
Ensure that all moving parts of the brake system are properly lubricated. This includes caliper pins, slides, and other components. Lubrication prevents friction-related problems and contributes to smooth brake operation.
Keep it Clean:
Regularly clean the brake components to remove dust, dirt, and debris that can accumulate on the braking surfaces. Use a suitable brake cleaner to prevent contaminants from affecting the friction between the brake lining and the drum.
Correct Installation:
During installation or replacement, follow the manufacturer's guidelines and use the recommended tools. Proper installation ensures that the brake lining functions as intended and contributes to the overall effectiveness of the braking system.
Avoid Contaminants:
Keep BENZ 19486 Drum Brake Linings free from oil, grease, or other contaminants that can compromise friction. Be cautious when using cleaning or maintenance products near the brake components to prevent unintended contamination.
Monitor Fluid Levels:
Ensure brake fluid levels are within the recommended range. Low brake fluid can affect the performance of the entire braking system, including the brake linings. Top up the brake fluid as needed and address any leaks promptly.